Q & A

Need an answer to a question? 

Please read this section carefully because it requires you to follow these simple rules in full (22/10/2018). 

Q) *Will I receive £100 of Free Bets?   

A) *We guarantee your £100 Free Bets when you have written just 30 blog posts.

Q) What about the blog?

A) To receive £100 Free Bet (plus the opportunity of additional Free Bets) you have to keep a blog. We build the blog - a domain of your choice (EG: MYBETTINGLIFE.COM) and help promote it for free. All you have to do is write one 500 + word post a week. It can be about your horse racing knowledge, racing tips, your experiences, in fact, whatever comes to mind (positive or negative because we want a true, gritty read). 

Q) What if I already have a blog, can I still receive Free Bets?

A) If you have an established blog we may be able to work with you on this basis. Please contact me jason@professionalgamblers.co.uk 

Q) Can I receive more Free Bets?

A) Yes. The more posts you write the more free bets you receive. For every 100 posts, we give you £100 in free bets. For example, if you write a post every day of the first year, we would give you free bets totalling £335. (Plus £100 for the first 30 posts in that formative year). So in the first year, you can get your hands on £435 in Free Bets. For the second and third year of the blog, we give £1 per post (£365) plus an extra £100 if you write a daily post for the year (total: £465). After this period, you may receive even greater incentives/additional Free Bets. 

Q) Do you invest time and money into the blog to help it succeed?

A) Yes. The first year we will help promote the blog and mentor you on your blogging journey. We are heading towards blogging success. After the first year, we really crank things up. We invest over £3000 into the blog, which I'm sure you will agree with shows we mean business. In fact, if we feel the blog is a heading places, we will invest up to £5000. 

Q) Why do you give away so much money in Free Bets?

A) Because it helps promote our websites and tipster promotions. It's better than paying the likes of Facebook for ads, we'd rather give the money to you in the shape of Free Bets.

Q) What constitutes a blog post? 

A) It must be original content of at least 500 words, written by yourself. You don't need to write to a standard of Oscar Wilde, just a competent, honest entree detailing your thoughts: good, bad and ugly. Every writer has their own style and knowledge that's pertinent to them. That is exactly what we are looking for.

Q) Will others contribute to blog posts?

A) On occasions, I will write or forward a post which details the latest news and offers. The good thing is that you get paid every time we post. A great way to make a passive income. 

Q) When do I get my Free Bets?

A) The choice is yours, either monthly or annually. Payments will be made via Paypal (using friends and family so you pay no commission).

Q)  Who owns the blog/website?

A) The ownership of the blog belongs to HCE Media (Jason Coote) and you contribute to this platform. You may stop contributing whenever you choose without any obligation. If you stop contributing to the blog for a period of one calendar month, we will find another blogger to contribute to the blog and your posts may be declined. 


Rules have to be adhered to at all times and mandatory. By your continued blogging, you agree to the terms and conditions stated on this page. 

If you have any questions, please contact info@freebetsblogger.co.uk