Until I heard about Free Bets Blogger I hadn't even considered having a blog. It has been an incredible journey which I've enjoyed and made substantial money in Free Bets, which I've invested in my betting bank. 

Running a blog isn't difficult. It is as simple as putting your thoughts on paper. All you have to do is write an email and it uploads automatically on the blog.

I have no regrets starting Eric Winner. The blog is recognised across the UK if not the globe for those who love their sprint racing. It's funny how I've been chatting to people about racing tips and they mention Eric Winner not realising it's my blog. It's a small world, hey!

If you write to a decent standard, have a passion for your sport and love making a small fortune in free bets, then take advantage of this opportunity. 

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See our latest blogging success: Craig's Betting Blog 

Would you believe that Craig started his blog in June 2019. In that short period of time, he has written 100+ blog post and received £170 in Free Bets. In addition, he has achieved over 15,000 page views. That's well over 3,000+ page views in the month of August and heading for 4,000 in September. 

The bonus is that long term we will be making a steady second income from his blog.