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My interest in horse racing came from my late father, Colin, who loved to go to Great Yarmouth's Eastern Festival, which takes place every September. We had fun on our family holiday staying at the caravan park at Caister-on-sea. We still go to the Eastern Festival in memory of our Dad and family who have sadly passed. 

Such beautiful memories and a lovely little course. 

Many years later, my brother and I took our gambling much more seriously. In fact, my twin brother, Tony, made some groundbreaking research that not only put him on the pages of Nick Mordin's Weekender publication but opened our eyes to betting with a new, dynamic approach that made a significant impact on our fortunes. We focused on our niche of two-year-old horse racing and honed our skills beyond recognition. 

Fast forward to this day - I've been betting professionally for over a decade. What started off as a hobby has turned into a full-time career. 

You know, one of the greatest things I ever did was starting my first horse racing blog High-Class Equine. It helped make my name in the blogging world and after achieving 1,717, 257 page views (and still counting) it simply speaks for itself. It has allowed me to follow my passion, travel the world, meet amazing people, invited to talk on TV/radio and accomplish many ambitions. In truth, I feel the story has only just begun.

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